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What is it?

CryptoDemo is an encryption software which relies on the Microsoft CryptoAPI standard. This desktop GUI application offers the following functionalities:

  • Encrypt messages so that it can only be used by its intended recipient.
  • Decrypt messages sent to you.
  • Sign messages so that others will be sure it came from you.
  • Verify messages signed by other people.
  • Send messages to other computers via a TCP/IP network.
  • Compresses message files for efficient storage, retrieval, and network communications.
  • Uses an XML message format for greater interoperability.

Project History

CryptoDemo was made as an assignment for the Digital Security class. The class was taught by Arrianto Mukti Wibowo, and was held at the second semester of 2002 at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indnesia.

The main goal of the assignment was to explore the uses of cryptographic libraries. There were several options available for the library, and the participants must select a library for use with the project. The options offered were Baltimore Keytools, Open SSL tools, JDK 1.3 JCE, Microsoft CryptoAPI, Cryptix, BSAFE, and Phyton. The author selected CryptoAPI for the implementation of CryptoDemo.

System Requirements

  • A Pentium Pro or better processor.
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows 98 (not tested on Windows NT or Windows 95).
  • A web browser or HTML viewer.

Tools Used for the Project

The following tools were used in the making of CryptoDemo. These tools are also required to build the CryptoDemo source code.

  • Borland C++ Builder, version 5.0.
  • Apache Xerces-C XML parser, version 1.7.0
  • zlib compression library, version 1.1.4
  • Inno Setup, version 1.3.21 (needed to build the setup distribution)

Terms of Use

Usage and redistribution of CryptoDemo may only be done on a noncommercial basis (i.e., not for profit). Any payment involved must be minimal only to cover the cost of packaging/redistribution.

CryptoDemo is protected under the GNU General Public license (GPL). Any redistribution of CryptoDemo must include the source code, or must provide pointers on how to obtain the source code. Works derived from CryptoDemo must also employ the GPL and recognize the original author.


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